Menswear styling inspiration

Styling tips for our British ties, pocket squares and scarves

A Bold Summer Stripe

The Ashton in Navy and Tan (also available in navy and silver)

Worn with a light suit or just light suit pants and a baby blue shirt the Ashton ties give that English country feel reminiscent of Oxford and Cambridge college stripes. The versatility of this type of stripe means that it can be worn through Summer, styled with these lighter tones and then through in to autumn and winter with navy suits and dark pinstripes giving a whole different feel. Either way theres a bold , classic, timeless feel to the Ashton stripes that make it a good staple to your wardrobe.

1920's inspired Large Repeat Medallion

The Fairbanks in Lemon yellow (also available in pink and blue)

Our Fairbanks range was selected from the archives as we wanted to evoke the 1920's in the 2020's. The randomly repeating oval medallion is larger in size than many modern tie designs giving it that retro feel. It looks dapper and fresh with a white shirt and you can either echo the earthy browns in your suit as shown here, or make it punchy and bold by contrasting it with a deep blue navy suit.

We have 2 suggestions for a good accompaniment in the pocket square. Either the Thomas Rosé as shown here which gives a more sprezzatura feel. Or if you prefer to keep your pocket more in tune with you tie then we'd suggest the Sardinia lemon which is the same lemon colour as the tie but with a different polka dot patterning.

Paisleys add detail to a solid colour suit.

Paisley is an ancient design that has become a classic of British style. Some can be garish and bold and some more subtle but which ever your chose to fit your personality the paisley is a great way to lift a suit and give your look some pattern and texture.

Our Harlington Slate is more on the monotone subdued side but you can see that it gives this classic grey suit some interest without an overbearing pop of colour, keeping your look classic while adding detail and personality.

Here the Harlington is paired with the Sardinia lemon but if youd prefer you could go with a light blue such as the Sardinia blue, or the Thomas white to match the shirt.

Fresh Colour Matching Paisleys

Paisleys can some very strong colour-ways, multicoloured and bold contrasts. Or, as is the case with this Cooper Paisley Mint Green Silk Tie, you can get a softer palette. This minty green is part of our summer 2021 palette and although it could work in contrast to a dark grey suit for example we've styled it here with a beautiful green suit from Suit Supply.

This matching of colour from suit to tie makes for a fun, fresh alternative to the norm.

We've followed that fun aspect through by taking the Thomas White silk pocket square and rather than just folding it to show white we've let the illustration motif of our early 19th century gent show out of the pocket. It adds a quirky less formal element while all the time remaining 100% dapper!